He also argued that his client’s admission to shooting Mahon were not voluntary, after four interviews with police. “He was barely able to speak at times. He cries like a child throughout, for an hour. Those statements were not voluntarily made. You know it, the officer on the stand knew it,” Carter said.

What if you have a judgment to recover, either as the original judgment creditor, or the assignee of record, or are representing the original judgment creditor (almost always as their attorney), and the court clerk will not stamp and file your motion, or some other court document?

.The Lords of Flatbush in the early seventies. I needed to morph into a hulking Brooklyn thug, so in the weeks before shooting, I went from 160 pounds to 200 pounds. It was probably the easiest weight-training regimen I ever had on a movie. Every day, I’d gorge on whatever was cheap and fattening. I didn’t know better.

I was informed that a yogurt diet alone (or any other pure protein diet, for that matter) won’t provide enough fiber to build muscle, especially for the kind of muscle I was using that day.

Be respectful, not just to the judge, but to everyone, whether they are the police/court officers at the courthouse, lawyers, or other people waiting for their case to be called. A court house, whether its Family, Criminal court or Supreme court is often a place of tension, emotion, and a place of outcomes. If you are angry and frustrated, kicking benches and punching doorways, swearing and talking loudly on your phone you are annoying at best, intimating at worst. Imagine a battered woman coming in to file an Order of Protection against her abusive husband; she’s nervous and upset, and there you are yelling into a cell, stalking around the room. etc. Imagine how she feels. Yes, you may be upset, but you must contain yourself and behave yourself while in the courthouse.

By the time I sat down to write the script for Rocky shortly after my twenty-ninth birthday, I had been exercising half my life, but in many ways I was just starting to learn about fitness. Up to that point, my workouts had been erratic and unorthodox, partly because I was flat broke and couldn’t afford to get to a proper gym. I remember I had one of those crude 60-pound, turn-of-the-century dumbbells in my apartment. It was black and had York, Pennsylvania printed on the sides and a huge grip like one of those strongman weights you’d see in the circus. That was my health club.

The CBS News site reported (via People) on May 29 that a Los Angeles County Superior judge lawyer has finally put in the final judgement for the divorce as of Tuesday. The judgement made their divorce final, after the couple had been married for twelve years now. They first met on the set of the hit horror film “Scream” in 1996. However over the years, it was said that Arquette’s infidelity led the couple to part ways, in terms of their marriage.

“A number of the jury are completely intransigent in their position, Your Honor,” she continued. “I see absolutely no prospect of an unanimous decision.” She edged imperceptibly away from the short, burly man to her left, making it clear where some of the obstinacy could be found.