Sun is really fruitful in Aries Ascendant due to Panchmesh Trikonapati. Sun will be high here. Sun will be in Taurus sign in second place. You can get a respected position in society due to your achievements as a skilled person in fields of business or handicraft. You may be a factory owner and a celebrity. You can be a lucky person. You are advised not to have grudges against your family members otherwise it can create tussle. You may spend money in good and auspicious work. You may have many vehicles as it may enhance your style. Your luck can increase after the birth of your first child. Your voice can show your attitude and also sarcasm.

Jupiter is fruitful in Aries sign in ninth place due to its Trikonadhipati. It is not inauspicious here being vyayesh. In eighth place Jupiter will be in Scorpio sign and will produces Bhagyabhang yoga. Thus you may be affluent and secretive and very cheerful natured person. You are so joyful person that you may create a magic wherever you are present with your magical and splendid and impressive appearance. You may prove to be a very helpful and supportive that you are always ready to lend your hand to anyone who is in trouble. You may receive funding from the feminine side. You may find it difficult to get your father’s property. Often you may feel a lack of funds.

That means instead of prayers or voodoo to make your troubled relationship work, you hand the details over to the Universe with the simple request you get to be happy.

Then there was the infamous case(3) of Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii down in New Zealand last year. One might think the parents were smoking ephedra from a hookah at the time they conceived the name. A judge lawyer ruled the young parents had to rename their child to a more normal sounding name. Talula would have been fine – we did once have a famous actress by the name of Tallulah Bankhead. But I guess that would have been too “common” for this set of parents from Down Under.

Rahu will be in the house of Mars (Agninsangyak) in Aries sign. Rahu will be in Virgo sign in sixth place. It is double natured and vayutatva pradhan. So Rahu is high here. Thus you may be a person who always keeps away from bad habits and bad things. You may be very patient and highly contented person. So you may get long life and may be courageous. You have ability to make your own luck. You enemies will be puzzled due to the glory and splendor. You may get some harm from your enemy and disease.

The moon is Fruitful due to its central position. It is friendly with lagnesh Mars. Moon will be in Capricorn sign in tenth place. The owner of Capricorn sign is not fruitful to natives of Aries sign people. You have caliber to cross the ferry of anyone if one is stuck in problems. You are hardworking, active, brave, rich and over ambitious. You can build your own house, buy your own vehicle and you may achieve success in your entire venture.

I was informed that a yogurt diet alone (or any other pure protein diet, for that matter) won’t provide enough fiber to build muscle, especially for the kind of muscle I was using that day.

Mercury is not fruitful and inauspicious in Aries sign due to its tritiyesh and shashtesh. Lagnesh Mars is not friendly with Mercury. Mercury will be in Sagittarius sign in ninth place. You may serve your family with all love and devotion. You may take interested in all religious and charity work. You can be a smart and a scholar in theology and music. You may be loved by your father and family. You are the lucky one who will get all the support of friends and family.