Best answer: Where did the Catholic missionaries travel?

Jesuit priests went to Africa and Asia to teach people about the Catho- lic Church. In addition, some Jesuits trav- eled with explorers to America to convert the native peoples there. Asia in the mid-lSOOs, bringing Catholi- cism to parts of India and Japan.

What areas of the world did Catholic missionaries travel?

Throughout the early 16th century the mission movement spread from the Caribbean to Mexico, Central America, parts of South America, and the Southwest United States. The goal of the Franciscan missions was to spread the Christian faith to the people of the New World through “word and example”.

Where did Catholic missionaries travel quizlet?

Where did Catholic missionaries travel? Catholic missionaries traveled to America,Asia,and Africa. Where did most Protestants live,in northern or southern Europe? Most Protestants lived in Northern Europe .

Where did the Protestant missionaries travel?

Missions to Africa and South America

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Protestant missionaries were working in most of the West and Central African colonial nations in the 19th century, but in some parts of East Africa mission began only in the 20th century.

Why did the missionaries go West?

Missionaries moved west to convert American Indians to Christianity. Crossing the steep Rocky Mountain terrain in wagons was difficult, but proved that women were capable of making the journey. The missionaries were sometimes attacked by hostile Indian warriors.

Why did the Catholic Church send out so many missionaries?

Rather than change the church, many Catholics decided to dedicate their lives to helping it grow. They became missionaries. Their goal was to take Catholic teachings to people around the world. Many also hoped to win Protes- tants back to the Catholic Church.

What made the Catholic Church so strong in Spain?

The Catholic Church was the most powerful and closest ally of the government. It helped fund the government, giving it over 20% of its large income from tithes. The royal policy was to have complete control over the personnel of the church, such as the selection of bishops, abbeys, and other major officeholders.

Who broke with the Roman Catholic Church?

King Henry VIII’s break with the Catholic Church is one of the most far-reaching events in English history. During the Reformation, the King replaced the Pope as the Head of the Church in England, causing a bitter divide between Catholics and Protestants.

What is the job of a Catholic missionary?

Missionaries go into a community to teach about Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Missionary work depends on where the individual or group of missionaries are going (international or local communities). At the very least, a missionary’s first responsibility is to God, then to his or her church or missions agency.

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How was the Catholic Church able to become so rich?

The Catholic Church became very rich and powerful during the Middle Ages. People gave the church 1/10th of their earnings in tithes. They also paid the church for various sacraments such as baptism, marriage, and communion. … The wealthy often gave the church land.

Who is the first missionary in the Bible?

The Apostle Paul was the first missionary to travel to spread the Gospel.

When were Chinese missionaries allowed?

In the 1842 treaty ending the First Opium War missionaries were granted the right to live and work in five coastal cities. In 1860, the treaties ending the Second Opium War with the French and British opened up the entire country to missionary activity.

What does the Bible say about missionaries?

Key scriptures such as Acts 13:2 and Matthew 28:18-20 teach us that Christ called us to make disciples of all nations and that the Holy Spirit specifically sets individuals apart for the work of intercultural missions work. Let’s explore the Bible to gain a right understanding of the missionary’s role.

Who was one of the missionaries to the West?

Several missionaries answered that call. The best known were Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and Henry and Eliza Spalding. In 1836, the two couples traveled west from St. Louis along the Oregon Trail.

What legacies did the mountain men leave behind?

What were the legacies the mountain men left? They explored most of the west, the routes they took became the California and Oregon trails. Their trading posts turned into supply stations for settlers. Their personal journals told the tale of how they explored the west.

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What hardships did the missionaries face?

13 Challenges Missionaries Face:

  • Language acquisition. Of course it is important to learn the language so you can share with them. …
  • Not trained for the work they are doing. …
  • Character issues. …
  • Team Struggles. …
  • Lack of financial support. …
  • Lack of resources. …
  • Flexibility. …
  • Culture shock.


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