Frequent question: Is Jesus Christ Superstar set in modern day?

‒Imagine Productions director Douglas Shaffer speaks with cast members during a rehearsal for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar. ‘ Unlike the original Broadway and London shows or the 1973 film based on them, the local production is set in the present day.

Where is Jesus Christ Superstar set?

The film, directed by Norman Jewison, was shot in Israel and other Middle Eastern locations. Ted Neeley, Carl Anderson and Yvonne Elliman were each nominated for a Golden Globe Award for their portrayals of Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene, respectively.

How does Jesus Christ Superstar relate to a modern day audience?

“The incredible rock music and contemporary text allows modern-day audiences to see themselves in this story, encouraging each one of us to ask larger questions of faith, leadership and belief…all while humming along to some of the greatest songs ever written.”

How many versions of Jesus Christ Superstar are there?

Two film adaptations have been made: the first released in 1973 with Ted Neely, Carl Anderson and Yvonne Elliman, and the other released in 2000 starring Glenn Carter as Jesus and Jérôme Pradon as Judas.

Is Jesus Christ Superstar a mockery?

The rock opera is one of the most frequently staged productions in history, but when it debuted on Broadway in 1973, many Christians, Jews – and even the composer – hated it. Opening night “was probably the worst night of my life. It was a vulgar travesty,” Andrew Lloyd Webber said later. It didn’t start out that way.

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