How hard is disc priest WoW?

It’s very hard work as disc, having a much easier time as holy pally with big burst group healing. Can see disc being amazing later on when the damage is less as we gear up. But right now in a 10 key you’ll be hitting the panic mode buttons on cool down lol. Tons of bosses have very heavy constant AoE damage.

Is disc priest hard to play?

Disc is more challenging to play, but offers better healing and damage than Holy does, and brings two damage reductions to the board as well. It suffers from people taking unexpected damage (Resto druid does somewhat as well) but it’s not the worst healer for m+. That’s either Holy priest or Resto shaman.

Is disc priest a good healer?

Discipline Priests provide very significant, on-demand AoE burst healing on a very short cooldown. Balancing healing and dealing damage can be difficult to master at first but through research and practice, Discipline can be one of the more rewarding specialisations to play.

Should I play a disc priest?

I main a disc priest. It is absolutely a blast to play. For raiding, yes you should absolutely know the fights, but only so you know when to use evangelism, rapture, and/or shadow fiend. For dungeons, you honestly can play quite reactively.

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Is holy priest better than disc?

Holy priest is a lot easier and a lot more straightforward. Disc is significantly better for 5 man content for a multitude of reasons (Holy is much more indexed toward AoE healing, has no real defensive external, and does less damage).

Can disc priest DPS?

No, Discipline is not as strong as the other DPS classes, when they are healing through atonement they are the equivalent of having an extra half DPS without losing a spot, same goes for raids. They are not a straight DPS class by any stretch.

Can you level as disc priest?

The fastest way to level is to do quests and dungeons. PvP not worth it because it takes too long and the XP is less. You’d level faster as holy than either shadow or disc.

What is Disc Priest good for?

A Discipline priest is a battle healer, smiting down their enemies in order to bravely save their allies. They have adopted the traits of both healing and shadow priests in order to make sure their allies stay alive. The main thing that makes Disc Priests truly special is Atonement.

Is disc priest easy?

Yes. Disc is probably the hardest spec in the game to play well.

Is disc or holy better Shadowlands?

Holy has a better throughput/mana ratio, while disc has more reliable radiance + penance + shadowmend for scary situations. In 3’s this makes a massive difference for disc since damage output is so much higher.

How do you beat disc priest?

For killing a priest during ray of hope I highly suggest saving a kick or a stun for when he uses ray. If he can’t heal into his ray he’s screwed and will just die after it goes off. If he uses ray on someone else, CC the priest and burst into the guy with ray on him and he’ll die.

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Are disc priests good in Shadowlands?

Disc priest are very strong in raids, currently middling in dungeons. Resto druids have been the most consistently good in m+ because their kit is very well suited. Holy pallies are currently good too. Anyone’s guess how the tuning will shake out in Shadowlands.

What spec is best for priest healing?

Holy is the tried and true spec for beginner healing. Simple execution, good results!

Are disc priests fun?

Disc and shaman are both fun and strong healers. Doing Castle with a disc priest is just pure fun as the 2 seems to complete each other. And since fun isn’t allowed in WoW, these 2 will see massive nerfs throughout SL. Until at the end they are basically dead.

Are priests any good in WoW?

Priests are extremely strong raid healers and have powerful, efficient throughput. In mythic both specs are viable up to high keys and more than capable of doing 10+ keys. People will naysay over priests in mythic+ because of their lack of utility compared to say druids or monks.

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