Question: Is Catholic Syrian Bank Safe?

CSB Bank Limited is the one of the oldest private sector banks in India that has presence in 4 states in south India. Recently PMC Bank Scam has made many investors / account holders to think how safe is their bank and whether they should switch to public sector banks.

Who owns Catholic Syrian Bank?

CSB Bank

Total assets ₹16,223.24 crore (US$2.3 billion) (2017)
Owner Fairfax Financial
Number of employees 2,716 (2017)
Capital ratio 22%

How good is Catholic Syrian Bank?

Working with The Catholic Syrian bank ltd was a good experience with good staff to support , to teach , cooperate. I got to learn banking practices and regulations, different sections of banking. Additionally Workplace is very coordial and supportive. overall it was a good experience.

Why is the Catholic Church called the Syrian bank?

The decision by the management was made after it realised that the lender’s business was getting affected due to a belief that the bank either belonged to the war-torn country ‘Syria’ or is owned by the community of ‘Catholics’.

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Is Catholic Syrian Bank is Nationalised bank?

The Catholic Syrian Bank Limited (CSB) is one of India’s oldest private sector banks with headquarters in the Thrissur district of Kerala.

Is Catholic Syrian Bank merged?

The merger of the two Kerala-based private sector banks, Federal Bank and Catholic Syrian Bank (CSB), has now entered the final lap.

Which is the No 1 private bank in India?

Based on Total sales and Market Capital HDFC Bank is the Largest No 1 Private bank in India with a turnover of Rs 105,161 Cr.

No Company Name
1 HDFC Bank
2 ICICI Bank
3 Axis Bank Ltd
4 Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd

Is CSB under Iba?

The All India Bank Officers’ Confederation (AIBOC) said it will launch a series of country-wide agitations culminating in strikes if the management of the Thrissur (Kerala) headquartered CSB Bank does not implement the terms of the industry-wide 11th Bipartite wage settlement vide the Joint Note for employees on the …

What is the new name of Catholic Syrian Bank?

We are happy to inform you that the name of the Bank has been changed from “The Catholic Syrian Bank Limited” to “CSB Bank Limited” with effect from 10th June 2019 as per the fresh Certificate of Incorporation pursuant to change of name issued by the Registrar of Companies, Kerala on the said date.

Is Catholic Syrian Bank a scheduled bank?

It was in the year 1969 that the Bank became a Scheduled Bank, as it was included in the Second Schedule of Reserve Bank of India Act.

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Who is the Chairman of Catholic Syrian Bank?

Madhavan Aravamuthan appointed new chairman of Fairfax-backed CSB Bank.

What is the minimum balance in Catholic Syrian Bank?

The Minimum Average Monthly Balance to be maintained is only Rs 2,500 in Rural/Semi-Urban & Rs 5000 in Urban/Metro. MSMEs and Individuals & Small Businesses, issued by RBI. CSB Bank has implemented the Regulatory Package – COVID 19 of RBI on extension of moratorium.

Which bank is best bank in India?

This bank beat SBI, HDFC & ICICI to top Forbes’ ‘World’s Best Banks’ list in India

  • Rank 6 | Axis Bank.
  • Rank 5 | Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • Rank 4 | HDFC Bank.
  • Rank 3 | ICICI Bank.
  • Rank 2 | CSB Bank.
  • Rank 1 | DBS Bank | DBS was ranked #1 out of 30 domestic and international banks in India for the second consecutive year.


Which banks are safest in India?


  • HDFC BANK. The Housing Development Finance Corporation or HDFC was found in 1994 in India. …
  • AXIS BANK. …
  • IDFC BANK. …


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