Was Cody Christian on GREY’s anatomy?

Cody Christian played Brad Walker in the season six Grey’s Anatomy episode State of Love and Trust.

What religion is Cody?

Cody Christian is an American actor (born April 15, 1995). In the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liar, he is known for his recurring role as Mike Montgomery.

Cody Christian Wiki.

Cody Christian Wiki & Biography
Birthplace Portland, Maine, U.S
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Religion Christian

Is Cody Christian in Greys anatomy?

Career. From 2010 to 2015, Christian played Mike Montgomery, the younger brother of Aria Montgomery, on the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars. Other acting credits include appearances on television series True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy and Back to You with Laura Marano, and in the 2011 film Kill the Irishman.

What episode of Greys anatomy was Cody Christian in?

“Grey’s Anatomy” State of Love and Trust (TV Episode 2010) – Cody Christian as Brad – IMDb.

What episode was Cody Christian on in Austin and ally?

“Austin & Ally” Campers & Complications (TV Episode 2013) – IMDb.

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What is Cody Christian’s net worth?

Cody Christian net worth

He has an estimated net worth of around $2.4 million as of 2021.

Was Asher from All American in GREY’s anatomy?

Cody Allen Christian (born April 15, 1995) is an American actor, known for his roles in Pretty Little Liars, Teen Wolf, and Grey’s Anatomy. He portrays Asher Adams in a starring role on All American.

What is wrong with Brad on GREY’s anatomy?

Brad started bleeding into the chest tube and his condition was so emergent that Alex had to open his chest in his ICU room in order to stop the bleeding. They then moved him to the OR for surgery. He had a ruptured aortic arch dissection, which they repaired in surgery.

How tall is Asher Adams?

He stands at a height is 1.87m (6 feet and 2 inches) tall, and his body weight is around 70 kg (154 lbs).

How old is Raeken?


My Rating
Character’s Name Theo Raeken
Age 18
Sister Tara
Status Chimera

Is Theo bad in Teen Wolf?

Even though Theo had a few moments of decency, he was, for the most part, evil AF. Theo paid for his devious ways when the Skinwalkers and Kira sent him to his dead sister to be tormented over and over and over again.

Who is Elliot from Austin and ally?

Cody Allen Christian is an American actor. He is best known for his recurring role as Mike Montgomery in the ABC Family series Pretty Little Liars. His other acting credits include Back to You, True Blood and Grey’s Anatomy. He portrayed Ally’s old camp friend Elliot in Season 2 of Austin & Ally.

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What episode does Austin get jealous?

Hunks & Homecoming. Ally teams up with country hot shot Gavin to write a song, and they hit it off, making Austin jealous and fearing that the team is breaking up.

What episode does Austin and Ally date?

They start dating in the episode Partners & Parachutes. In Girlfriends & Girl Friends, Ally finally admits her feelings for Austin, and in Campers & Complications, Austin admits his feelings for Ally.

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