What denomination is the Action Bible?

The Action Bible is a retelling of the Christian Bible in comic book form written and edited by Doug Mauss and illustrated by Sergio Cariello for David C. Cook, published in 2010.

What translation is the action Bible?

The Action Bible Study Bible ESV, edited by Catherine deVries, illustrated by Sergio Cariello. David C. Cook, 2015.

Is the action Bible biblically correct?

The Action Bible is geared toward younger readers. It is a full color illustrated hardcover book. … It is not a bible, but more a bible story book but it does a great job of telling most of the stories from the bible. It does not quote the bible word for word but it does tell the stories accurately.

Is the action Bible Catholic?

Today’s gift idea is probably my favourite of the season, and it is The Action Bible. It takes Christianity and blends it with comics, so I think this is a great way to encourage people with a budding interest in the faith to dig deeper. This book is quite structurally sound.

What age group is the action bible for?

From the Publisher

The Action Storybook Bible The Action Bible EXPANDED
Age Range 4 – 8 8 and Up
Pages 256 832
Description 15 Key Episodes, Each with Several Stories 238 Fast-Paced Narratives
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What stories are in the Action Bible?

Action Bible

  • The Action Bible. Sergio Cariello, David C. …
  • The Action Bible Devotional: 52 Weeks of God-Inspired Adventure. Jeremy V. …
  • The Action Bible New Testament: God’s Redemptive Story. From $5.99.
  • The Battle Begins: The Story of Creation. …
  • The Action Bible ESV Premium Boy’s Edition. …
  • The Action Bible Christmas Story 25-Pack.

How much is a Action Bible?

Buy used: $17.31. Free 5-8 day shipping within the U.S. when you order $25.00 of eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. Or get 4-5 business-day shipping on this item for $5.99 .

Is the action Bible King James Version?

The Take Action Bible presents the complete scriptures in the New King James Version along with pertinent stories of contemporary people realistically demonstrating their faith.

What is a good Bible story to read?

Top Bible Stories for Kids

  • The Story of Creation. Look back in time at how God created the world in six days. …
  • Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were the first two humans that ever existed. …
  • The Tower of Babel. …
  • Abraham’s Covenant. …
  • The Fall of Jericho. …
  • David and Goliath. …
  • Hadassah. …
  • John the Baptist.

What is a good Bible for a 7 year old?

When it is all said and done it is the NIrV Adventure Bible is the best Bible for your 7-year-old. The fact that the NIrV is the actual Word of God is fantastic. It can be read alongside the NIV.

Which Bible is best for children?

The Jesus Storybook Bible – For Ages: 4 – 8

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I’ll never get tired of recommending this Bible for kids. This children’s Bible is a beautiful narrative that helps families understand God’s love for his people and how Jesus–God’s greatest gift to us–is at the center of every story.

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