What does victory mean in the Bible?

What is meant by victory in the Bible?

1 : the overcoming of an enemy or antagonist. 2 : achievement of mastery or success in a struggle or endeavor against odds or difficulties.

What is the meaning of spiritual victory?

The next step forward for humanity demands that we draw upon the spiritual as well as the physical and mental dimensions of our lives. The new revolution must be a spiritual revolution and the victory will be a spiritual victory. The spiritual victory is within our grasp, but we should not expect it to come easy.

What number means victory?

Biblical Meaning of Numbers

Biblical Number Its Meaning….
17 Victory
18 Bondage
19 Faith
20 Redemption

What is the meaning of divine victory?

Divine Victory happens when God fights for you! Divine victory happens when the victory depends on God and not man. Divine victory has marks and characteristics that make the whole world know clearly that it was God who fought for you and gave the victory.

What name of God means victory?

According to Exodus 17:13–16 in the Bible, Jehovah-nissi (Hebrew: יְהוָה נִסִּי) is the name given by Moses to the altar which he built to celebrate the defeat of the Amalekites at Rephidim.

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What is the meaning of victory sign?

For the most part in these countries, the gesture is divorced from its previous meanings as a peace sign or as an insult; for most the meaning of the sign is “victory” or “yeah”, implying a feeling of happiness. It is used in both directions (palm facing the signer and palm facing forward).

Why is 17 an evil number?

17: Some Italians are superstitious about Friday the 17th because rearranging the Roman numeral XVII can create the word “VIXI”—translated from Latin to mean “my life is over.” 39: The number 39 gets a bad rap in Afghanistan.

Is 17 an evil number?

Examples. The first evil numbers are: 0, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 33, 34, 36, 39 …

Why is the number 18 lucky?

8. 18 is a lucky number for Jewish people; there is a system called gematria, which assigns numerical value to a word or name. … Just as how money is often given in multiples of 9 in Chinese tradition, gifts of money in multiples of 18 are popular in Jewish communities.

What does the word victory mean in Greek?

Greek Base Word: νίκη

Usage: Victory. Definition: Conquest (abstractly), i.e., (figuratively) the means of success.

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