What happened to LifeWay Christian Bookstores?

LifeWay Christian Store, the retail arm of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing company, plans to close all 172 of its outlets by the end of 2019. LifeWay Christian Stores plans to close all of its locations by end of the year and move all of the company’s retailing online. … LifeWay is more than a bookseller.

Why are LifeWay Christian Stores closing?

Lifeway Christian Resources announced today it will close all 170 of its stores this year. … In January LifeWay announced it would reduce the number of its retail locations due to declining sales. However, acting President and CEO Brad Waggoner said “current market projections show this is no longer a viable option.”

What happened to Family Christian bookstores?

Originally a retail chain, by 2008, it was the world’s largest Christian focused retailer. In 2013, the chain transitioned to a non-profit before filing for bankruptcy in 2015, closing all stores in 2017 and returning as a web retailer in 2019.

Who owns LifeWay Christian Stores?

Type Religious non-profit organization
Headquarters 1 Lifeway Plaza, Nashville, Tennessee , U.S.
Key people Ben Mandrell (Current President, and CEO) Thom S. Rainer, former President and CEO (2005-2019)
Number of employees 4,000
Parent Southern Baptist Convention
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Why are bookstores closing down?

Two major factors have contributed to the 9.6% decrease in sales at bookstores since 2007: the growing popularity of e-books, and Borders going out of business. Both have caused serious drops in the number of bookstore sales, though competition with online retailers like Amazon is another major factor.

Where can I get free Bibles?

12 Places To Get Free Bibles

  • A Christian Church Near You. …
  • Your City Library. …
  • BiblesforAmerica.org. …
  • FreeBibles.net. …
  • MyFreeBible.org.
  • Spread The Word Campaign – Free Bibles For Those Overseas. …
  • The Gideons International – The Nightstand At Your Hotel. …
  • A Friend Or Family Member.

Is Books A Million closed?

— The Books-A-Million store on Highway 153 in Hixson will close on January 31, 2021. … “It is with a heavy heart that I inform you the Hixson Books-A-Million will be closing effective January 31, 2021. BUT, we are still here for six more months!

Does Walmart sell Bibles?

Holy Bible-NIV (Paperback)(Large Print) – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Is LifeWay profitable?

LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention operates as a non-profit organization. The Organization offers products and services, including Bibles, Bible studies, research, church music and supplies, and digital services.

How old is Mandrell?

Mandrell, 42, said in a Friday afternoon news conference that he will begin immersing himself in conversations about how to move forward digitally.

Is the HCSB a Baptist Bible?

The Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB) is a modern English Bible translation from Holman Bible Publishers. The New Testament was published in 1999, followed by the full Bible in March 2004.

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Holman Christian Standard Bible
Religious affiliation Protestant
show Genesis 1:1–3 show John 3:16

Did Amazon kill bookstores?

Amazon didn’t kill the brick-and-mortar bookstore so much as — like a distracted James Bond villain — put it in a deathtrap, cackled and moved onto other businesses. Things looked bleak for a while, sure. … Independent bookstores that belong to the American Booksellers Association bottomed out at 1,651 locations in 2009.

Are bookstores dying?

According to the American Booksellers Association, more than one independent bookstore has closed each week since the pandemic began, and 20 percent of independent bookstores across the country are in danger of closing. In contrast, spending on Amazon this summer was up 60% from the same time frame last year.

Is Barnes and Noble closing stores in 2020?

Barnes & Noble has temporarily closed over 400 of their 627 U.S. stores in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As differing guidance is issued across the country, the bookselling giant confirmed that they are working with state and local officials to determine next steps to best protect customers and employees.

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