What is the meaning of under the feet of Jesus?

A story of loss and survival, Under the Feet of Jesus is a lyrical, powerful novel about the lives of the children, women, and men who endure a difficult existence and labor under dangerous conditions as migrant workers in California’s fields.

Is under the feet of Jesus a coming of age story?

Coming of Age

Under the Feet of Jesus centers around Estrella, a thirteen-year-old migrant laborer in California. Despite her young age, Estrella’s abundance of younger siblings and impoverished circumstances mean that she has to take on an adult role in her family.

What happens at the end of Under the Feet of Jesus?

At the end of Under the Feet of Jesus, Alejo is taken to the hospital by Estrella because he has been sprayed with insecticide while he was picking apples to sell. … They need the money for gas to get to the hospital! So, Estrella breaks the glass and gets the money back.

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What does the barn symbolize in under the feet of Jesus?

The Barn Symbol Analysis. … In this sense, the barn represents the importance of Estrella’s inner life and the need to carve out some solitude in the midst of her crowded life. At the same time, the barn is under threat from Perfecto, who wants to tear it down and sell the materials.

What does Petra keep under the feet of Jesus?

Underneath the statue, Petra keeps a delicate doily crocheted by her grandmother and the family’s paperwork. Petra remembers how her grandmother used crocheting to distract herself from her burdens; she wishes she could crochet. … She accidentally knocks her statue to the floor, where Jesus’ head breaks off.

Who is the main character in under the feet of Jesus?

Under the Feet of Jesus/Персонажи

What year is under the feet of Jesus set in?

On a chalkboard/whiteboard/docucam, draw a long timeline beginning with Perfecto’s birth, around 73 years before the novel’s present (potentially in 1917), and ending with the publication of the novel in 1995. Ask students to come up with and write in events from the novel in chronological order.

Who is Alejo in under the feet of Jesus?

Alejo – Fifteen-year old cousin to Gumecindo. He lives and works with his cousin after his mother passes away. His grandma lives in Edinburg, Texas and he sends money back to help her. He works in the same grape fields as Estrella and the two meet and fall in love.

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Who is Estrella in under the feet of Jesus?

Under the Feet of Jesus/Персонажи

Does Alejo die in under the feet of Jesus?

Alejo is sprayed by a crop duster one day in the field, sickens, and is cared for by Estrella and her family. Eventually he becomes so sick they must take him to the community clinic and, later, to the hospital, presumably to die.

How many pages is under the feet of Jesus?

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ISBN-13: 9780452273870
Pages: 192
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Where was Estrella when Alejo kissed her hand?

When Alejo kisses her palm, Estrella flees to the barn, seeking its cool and quiet refuge.

What does the barn symbolize?

The barn symbolizes, or represents, animalism. While it is a safe place for the animals, and a place where the people feel that they are less inhibited, it is also a place in which characters display behavior that is more indicative of their fundamental nature.

Where is Alejo from in under the feet of Jesus?

Estrella’s love interest, a teenager from Texas working in the fields for the summer. Alejo first catches sight of Estrella while illicitly picking peaches from the orchards and becomes entranced by her and her family.

Is Petra pregnant under the feet of Jesus?

She reflects that loyalty is more important than love. She can feel Perfecto’s love for her fading but is confident that if she wakes it will resurge. Petra reveals she is pregnant; her old clothes barely fit over her expanding stomach.

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How old is Petra in under the feet of Jesus?

Although she’s only thirty-five, Petra is prematurely aged from years of harsh fieldwork.

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