What movie stars are Catholic?

Leonardo DiCaprio is another famous Catholic person. Some famous actresses who are Catholic include Selena Gomez, Nicole Kidman, and Denise Richards. Several famous filmmakers are also also practicing Catholics. Movie star Mel Gibson is a member of a small sect of Catholicism called Traditionalist Catholicism.

What famous actors are Catholic?

Celebrities who are practicing Catholics or were raised in the…

  • Denise Richards. Credit: Denise Richards/Getty Images. …
  • Ariana Grande. Credit: AP / Jordan Strauss. …
  • Rosie O’Donnell. Credit: Getty Images / Paul Zimmerman. …
  • Madonna. …
  • Bruce Springsteen. …
  • Celine Dion. …
  • Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos. …
  • Lana Del Rey.

How many famous people are Catholic?

Lists of Catholics

Set of pictures for a number of famous Catholics from various fields.
Total population
c. 1.3 billion worldwide (2017)
Regions with significant populations
Brazil 134,000,000

Is Selena Gomez still Catholic?

Is Selena Gomez religious? Yes, she was raised Catholic by her parents and even had a purity ring as a 13-year-old. Selena is still a practicing Christian, though now of the Pentecostal persuasion.

What country singers are Catholic?

Many country singers are devoutly religious and a handful are practicing Catholics. Country singers who are Catholic come in many forms.

Country Singers Who Are Catholic

  • Rosanne Cash. …
  • Keith Urban. …
  • George Morgan. …
  • Tom Wopat. …
  • Anne Murray. …
  • Sammy Kershaw. …
  • Lorrie Morgan. …
  • Aaron Neville.
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What are the practices of Catholic?

Catholicism is a faith that revolves around the seven sacraments – baptism, reconciliation, Eucharist, confirmation, marriage, holy orders (joining the priesthood) and the sacrament of the sick (once called extreme unction or the last rites).

What celebrities are Protestant?


  • Martin Luther.
  • Elizabeth I of England.
  • Jean Calvin.
  • John Knox.
  • Sun Yat-sen.
  • Jan Hus.
  • Johannes Kepler.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach.


Which rappers are Catholic?

Catholic Rap Artists

  • Pope Gregory. 8 listeners. Pope Saint Gregory I (Latin: Gregorius I; c. …
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Pontifex. 875 listeners. There are two artists known as Pontifex. …
  • Frenchman. 4,509 listeners.
  • MC Dewey. 91 listeners. …
  • Akalyte. 49 listeners. …
  • Upgrade Now.
  • Elijah and Elisha. 81 listeners.

What religion is Miley Cyrus?

Raised Christian, she was baptized in a Southern Baptist church before moving to Hollywood in 2005.

What religion did Selena follow?

Though not a part of her public persona, Selena was religious and had begun to study the Bible. The Quintanilla family are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and though Selena was not one, her Bible teacher was.

What religion is BTS?

As far as admitting religion, yes, Namjoon (confirmed) is an atheist. The rest of the members practice either the Catholic or Christian religion. Regarding Seokjin, there has been some controversy but most sites confirm that he is Christian.

Is Collin Raye Catholic?

Raye was raised as a Southern Baptist but became a Catholic when he was 23 years old.

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