What race is best for disc priest?

Race % (1+ boss) % (Level 120)
Blood Elf 22.9% 17.9%
Void Elf 12.4% 4.5%
Human 11.4% 13.1%
Undead 10.6% 5.8%

What race is a disc priest?

The main thing that makes Disc Priests truly special is Atonement. Races: All races except Orc and Highmountain Tauren can be Priests.

What is the best race for priest Shadowlands?

Best Alliance Races for Shadow Priest PvP

  • Human.
  • Night Elf.
  • Dwarf.
  • Gnome.


Are disc priests any good in Shadowlands?

Disc priest are very strong in raids, currently middling in dungeons. Resto druids have been the most consistently good in m+ because their kit is very well suited. Holy pallies are currently good too. Anyone’s guess how the tuning will shake out in Shadowlands.

What covenant should I choose for disc priest?

Best Covenant / Soulbind for Discipline Priest

Focus Covenant Recommended Tree
Raiding Venthyr Theotar Raiding tree
Mythic+ Kyrian Pelagos Mythic+ tree

Are disc priests hard to play?

Discipline priest has a very proactive playstyle and has limited raid-wide emergency heals in comparison to other healing specialisations. Discipline is also a very hard specialisation to master. There is almost always something you can do better and mistakes are very punishing in terms of healing throughput.

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What is the best class for priest?

The best profession for priest class is similar to the mages, you have two solid choices between Alchemy and Tailoring. Alchemy can provide you with options to further help keep you and your teammates alive, and late game elixirs for Raiding.

How good is shadow priest?

In Raids, both Overall and specifically single target (damage done only to bosses), Shadow Priest is very strong. In other words, if you can play Shadow Priest reasonably well, there won’t be much content that you won’t be able to do. With the right gear, they can top dps charts in m+ and raids.

Is versatility good for shadow priest?

Versatility increases all your damage and healing done, and decreases all damage taken.

Does versatility double dip disc priest?

Versatility does NOT double dip with Atonement healing. Only the healing portion affects it.

Is disc or holy better for healing Shadowlands?

Disc is significantly better for 5 man content for a multitude of reasons (Holy is much more indexed toward AoE healing, has no real defensive external, and does less damage). Also, Disc is generally more sought after for all content thanks to the fact that it deals damage in order to heal.

Is disc or holy better Shadowlands?

Holy has a better throughput/mana ratio, while disc has more reliable radiance + penance + shadowmend for scary situations. In 3’s this makes a massive difference for disc since damage output is so much higher.

What is the best covenant for disc priest Shadowlands?

Kyrian. The Best Disc Priest Covenant for Mythic+ is Kyrian. Boon of the Ascended is a very strong 3 minute cooldown.

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Is kyrian good for disc priest?

Kyrian Priest Signature Ability: Summon Steward

It’s an excellent tool in dungeons where you are bouncing in between combat (resetting its cooldown) and frequently face certain debuffs that you cannot dispel as a Priest like Curses, Bleeds and Poisons.

What’s the best covenant for holy priest?

Best Soulbinds for Holy Priest

Covenant Soulbind Recommended Tree
Kyrian Kleia Kleia Tree
Necrolord Emeni Emeni Tree
Night Fae Dreamweaver Dreamweaver Tree
Venthyr General Draven Draven Tree

Is Venthyr good for priest?

The Venthyr Class Ability for Priests of all specializations is Mindgames: a 45 second cooldown that damages an enemy, converts into Atonement healing, reverses enemy damage to the group into healing on them, and returns mana to the caster. … There are limitations to how much damage or healing will be reversed.

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