Which state is famous for beaches churches and seafood?

Which city is famous for beaches churches and seafood?

Goa – It’s all about Beaches, Churches, Food, People, Culture & a lot more!!!

Which Indian state is famous for its beaches churches and seafood?

Goa, India’s sunshine state is not just about beaches, sundowners, cocktails, and seafood.

Churches in Goa (List):

Basilica of Bom Jesus Sé Catedral de Santa Catarina
Saint Catherine’s Chapel Church of St. Francis of Assisi

What is Goa India famous for?

Ruled by Portuguese in the past, this region is famous for fusion of European and Indian culture and beauty. The Western Ghats running through the region makes it lush for wildlife and flora too. Goa is one of the most important tourist spots in the country because of its beauty and culture.

Why is Goa called the land of beaches?

Goa is known for its golden beaches, pristine surroundings, relaxed lifestyle and its tranquil atmosphere. Many people from other states of India and other countries of the world enjoy what the land has to offer them. Some prefer to spend a few days here as tourists, while others have preferred to settle down here.

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Are beaches in Goa clean?

Goan beaches are mostly clean compared to any other beaches in India. even for that matter bali. I have visited two of the beaches in bail and I stay in Goa. it is just due to the heavy influx of Indian tourists in Baga and Calangute and Miramar beach it’s bit polluted.

What is the nickname of Goa?

Goa; the tourism hub of India is called affectionately by various names such as “Rome of East” or “Pearl of the Orient” which aptly describes its perception in the eyes of an international tourist.

GoaCity » City Info.

Country India
State Goa
Capital Panaji
Largest city Vasco da Gama
Area 3,702km² (1,429sq.mi.)

Which state is most beautiful girl in India?

Assam is definitely one of the most beautiful states in the country with so many beautiful actresses and women.

Which is the beautiful district in India?

Idukki is one of the district of kerala state, India which lies in western ghats of kerala.

Which state has the most beautiful girl in India?

Originally Answered: What state of India has the most beautiful women? Kerala! True beauty comes from the inside.

What is special in Goa to buy?

18 Things To Buy While Shopping In Goa

  • Sea Shells Galore. Image Source. …
  • Cashew Nuts. Image Source. …
  • Music CDs & Musical Instruments. Image Source. …
  • Feni. Image Source. …
  • Variety Of Hats. Image Source. …
  • Spices. Image Source. …
  • Azulejos Tiles. Image Source. …
  • Beachwear.


Is Goa expensive?

Compared to most of the rest of India prices in Goa are relatively expensive, but compared to nearly anywhere else this place is a bargain. … Still, hotels in Goa are cheap and fairly good standard for a beach resort area. Hotels at the bottom end of the range will be quite minimalistic though, so be prepared.

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What is so special in Goa?

Goa has a unique culture. While people don’t particularly go here to shop, it does offer a few unique items. Most famous among them are Goa Sausages, a spicy chorizo that’s available all over India, but best made in Goa. Then there are cashew nuts, which are of great quality and much cheaper, too.

How Safe Is Goa?

Goa is very safe,even for solo travellers. But if your luck is bad you may encounter a maniac anywhere in the world. Goa is no exception.So always better to be safe.

Why is Goa so rich?

Goa’s net state domestic product (NSDP) was around US$7.24 billion in 2015–16. The land away from the coast is rich in minerals and ores, and mining forms the second largest industry. Iron, bauxite, manganese, clays, limestone, and silica are mined.

Which is best part of Goa?

Best Area in Goa for…

  • Best Areas in Goa for Beaches: Cavelossim and Mobor. …
  • Best Area in Goa for Water Sports: Baga. …
  • Best Areas in Goa for other Outdoor Activities: Candolim and Calangute. …
  • Best Area in Goa for Sightseeing: Panaji (Panjim) …
  • Best Area in Goa for History: Old Goa. …
  • Best Area in Goa for Shopping: Baga.


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