Who is the founder of Solid Rock Church?

When Darlene Bishop woke up on Sunday, her husband walked up 18 steps and told her he didn’t need additional oxygen last night. In an emotional sermon a few hours later, the founder and pastor of Solid Rock Church in Southwest Ohio said her husband nearly died from COVID-19.

What Religion Is Solid Rock Church?

Located on 60 acres about 20 miles south of Dayton, Solid Rock Church isn’t tied to any denomination. The Bishops said they are ordained through the church, but not by any other religious order.

How old is Darlene Bishop?

Darlene Bishop, 68, said after her husband of 49 years died, there was a “smooth transition” in the church’s leadership. She said her son, Lawrence Bishop II, 46, immediately reduced his musical engagements, canceled his travel plans and focused on being full-time co-pastor at Solid Rock.

Who is solid rock?

Solid Rock Records
Founded 1975
Founder Larry Norman
Distributor(s) Word Records
Genre Various

What denomination is solid rock?

Solid Rock Church in Monroe is a non-denominational church situated right off of I-75. The large place of worship has made headlines as it continues to hold services for its community.

What denomination is Rock Church?


Is Phil Driscoll still married?

Driscoll married his wife Lynne in 1978. He and Lynne have two children, Jamie and Danielle, and Driscoll has a son, Shawn, from his previous marriage to Patti McDavitt. He married Darlene Bishop in 2018. He resides in Ohio.

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Where is Darlene Bishop from?

Sixty-five-year-old Bishop and her husband, Lawrence, founded the Solid Rock Church in southwest Ohio in 1978. It grew from a dozen congregants in a tin-roofed building with folding chairs into a megachurch with 13 churches in the Philippines and an orphanage in Brazil.

Is Solid Rock a hidden ability?

Solid Rock as a hidden ability.

Who is pastor of Solid Rock Church in Ohio?

Pastor Lawrence Bishop II told his congregation Sunday morning his church has come under fire for holding services, but no one is faulting people who “packed into Lowes this morning, elbow to elbow and a two-hour wait to get in.”

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