Why don’t they have hymn books at Calpurnia’s church?

During the service, Reverend Sykes called on Calpurnia’s eldest son, as the music superintendent, to lead the congregation into the singing of the first hymn. … As it was, First Purchase Methodist Church was poor and so was its congregation and it could, therefore, not afford buying hymn books.

Why does Calpurnia say that hymn books wouldn’t do any good?

She was taught by Miss Maudie’s aunt, not in a school. When Scout asks Calpurnia why they don’t have hymn books in her church, she responds that it wouldn’t do any good since they can’t read.

Why are there no hymn books in first purchase church?

Why are there no hymn books in First Purchase? … They are not allowed books because of Jim Crow laws.

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Who are they trying to raise money for at Calpurnia’s church?

The collection at Calpurnia’s church where she takes Jem and Scout is for Helen, the wife of Tom Robinson.

How does the congregation sing hymns Why do they do it that way?

The “linin'” is what the people at the First Purchase Church do instead of having hymn books. They have to do it that way because they are too poor to have the books and besides, they can’t all read. So the leader gives one line from the hymn and they all sing it. Then he gives the next.

Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left?

Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left? He had no place to go. He had no money of his own. He could not read and write.

What does Calpurnia say aggravates?

Calpurnia explains, “It’s not necessary to tell all you know. It’s not ladylike- in the second place, folks don’t like to have somebody around knowin’ more than they do. It aggravates ’em.

Why does Atticus go down to the jail?

Atticus goes to the jail that night to protect Tom Robinson from potential harm. Scout, Jem, and Dill protect Atticus by following him there. Jem refuses to leave when he sees that the men are threatening his father.

Why will no one hire Tom’s wife?

Because Helen Robinson’s husband, Tom, has been accused of raping Mayella Ewell, the town doesn’t want anything to do with Helen because it would look as if they were sympathetic to Tom Robinson’s plight.

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Is scout going through puberty?

In the beginning of the novel, both Scout and Jem are young and innocent and act like children. Yet Scout’s world is tied so closely with Jem’s that when he grows up, she grows up. She does not always understand his new maturity. Sometimes Scout describes Jem’s changes as confusing and even alarming.

Why are people collecting money at Calpurnia’s church?

This collection of money is “to help her out at home.” After the collection is taken, Reverend Sykes tells his congregation that they do not have enough money yet. He then explains that Helen has children at home. She cannot leave them home alone so that she can work.

What 2 reasons do men stand out on the porch in Maycomb?

In Maycomb, grown men stood outside in the front yard for only two reasons: death and politics. I wondered who had died. Jem and I went to the front door, but Atticus called, “Go back in the house.” The reflects the kind of small-town mentality exhibited throughout the story.

What did the Reverend do when there was not enough money?

After the offering has been collected, Reverend Sykes dumps the offering can out, counts the money, and tells the congregation that it is not enough.

Who is sitting on the front porch when they return from Calpurnia’s church?

When Scout and Jem arrive home from Calpurnia’s church at the end of Ch. 12, they find Aunt Alexandra sitting in a rocking chair on the porch.

What method do the members of first purchase use to sing?

How do the people at First Purchase sing hymns without hymn books or instruments? A person at the front sings a line, and the rest of the church sings it after him. This is called “lining”.

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What is Linin why is it done in To Kill a Mockingbird?

What is “Linin” and why is it done? In Calpurnia’s church, when one person speaks the line of a song so the rest of the chorus knows what to sing. Singing hymns without hymn books and musical instruments. It is done because very few of the people at church can read.

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