Your question: Which version of Jesus Christ Superstar is best?

Which Jesus Christ Superstar is best?

  • Barry Dennen had no earthly idea how to play Pilate during the original album. The studio Pilate sounds 19 at most, nerdy, and powerless over Christ’s fate. …
  • Ted Neely = Best Jesus. Plain and simple. …
  • Carl Anderson = Best Judas. …
  • Better orchestration for sure. …
  • The choral voices.

How many versions of Jesus Christ Superstar are there?

Two film adaptations have been made: the first released in 1973 with Ted Neely, Carl Anderson and Yvonne Elliman, and the other released in 2000 starring Glenn Carter as Jesus and Jérôme Pradon as Judas.

What age is Jesus Christ Superstar suitable for?

Even though my six and nine year old enjoy the show and watch without flinching at the violence and having had no concerns or nightmares since, I feel I should recommend it as suitable for older children, perhaps 13+ rather than little ones like mine.

Is Jesus Christ Superstar sacrilegious?

“Superstar” flopped when it debuted in Britain in 1970, and it was banned by the BBC for being sacrilegious. When it hit Broadway the next year, the musical was widely criticized by Jews and Christians — as well as by Webber himself. … It seems old criticisms die hard, especially when religion is involved.

Who did the best Gethsemane?

Andrew Lloyd Webber himself has called this the most difficult song to sing he has ever written. Up first is Ted Neeley who performed the role of Jesus and sang Gethsemane in the 1973 film, on Broadway, an American tour in the 1990’s and another tour as recently as 2010!! He is possibly the most famous Jesus….

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