How do I see old stories on the Bible app?

How do you watch past stories on Youversion Bible app?

View of Past Verse of the Day

  1. Select Overflow (3 vertical dots) in bottom right of Image moment.
  2. Selecting View All.
  3. Select either TEXT or IMAGE to change view.
  4. Scroll down for past VOTD.

How do you view old stories on Youversion?

The fastest way to get back to the beginning or the end is to tap through the screens. Accessing past stories are not an available feature at this time. However, you can access the teaching videos any time by typing key terms (scripture reference; presenter’s name) in the Discover feature search bar.

Where is save for later on the Bible app?

Tap the ‘Save’ option on the toolbar to save the passage. You’ll see a small black ‘Saved’ message appear in the center of the screen to let you know the passage has been saved. Tap the ‘Saved Passages’ button from the menu to open a list of all your saved passages.

How do I get the verse of the day on my Iphone?


  1. Hit an open area of your screen until your apps jiggle.
  2. In the far top left hand tap the +
  3. Scroll through the available widgets until you see the Bible app (Note: if you don’t see it, make sure you have the Bible app on your phone downloaded)
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How do you add a verse to the day widget?

In the WordPress dashboard, go to Appearance > Widgets. Find the new Visual Verse of the Day widget and click on it. Choose the desired widget area and click “Add Widget”. Find the list of widgets for that widget area and drag them into the desired order.

How do you save plans in the Bible app?

Start a Saved plan or redo a Completed Plan

  1. Select Plans (check mark) in main header.
  2. Select My Plans.
  3. Select Saved Plans or Completed Plans from bottom.
  4. Select a plan you want to redo and follow the prompts. …
  5. For a plan that was previously a Plan with Friends you need to restart just like a new plan.

Is there a Bible widget for Iphone?

Each day, a new, uplifting Bible verse with a beautiful image is delivered right to your phone. If you have iOS 14 or higher, there is also a Bible Verse of the Day widget that you can add to your home screen that will update daily. … This widget delivers the Bible Verse of the Day right to your home screen!

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