How long does it take to ramp disc priest?

How do you ramp as disc priest?

Playstyle & Rotation

  1. Normal ramps are the period of time, where you apply atonements. …
  2. After ramping, you will be pressing either Spirit Shell (With the Clarity of Mind legendary) or Evangelism, increasing all your active atonements by respectively 3 and 6 seconds.


When should I start ramp disc priest?

I think the ideal ramp is to push SS ~15 second before damage happens, not start the ramp at 15 second. That way your SS can get on CD earlier and the shield has 5-6 seconds left when damage hit, giving you more leeway on your next ramp if the damage happens in a minute interval.

Is discipline priest good DPS?

Discipline Priests are the DPS healer, so their DPS will obviously be the highest out of any healer specialization!

Is disc priest hard to play?

Disc is more challenging to play, but offers better healing and damage than Holy does, and brings two damage reductions to the board as well. It suffers from people taking unexpected damage (Resto druid does somewhat as well) but it’s not the worst healer for m+. That’s either Holy priest or Resto shaman.

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Can disc priest heal?

It does no atonement healing, but it can be a great help to push some additional damage when there is nothing else to do. The Discipline priest playstyle in raid is overall very similar to how it was played in BFA.

How do you kill disc priest?

Train the Priest, keeping your slow on him as much as possible. When he puts his shield up dispel it. Interrupt his Penance if you can as he cannot juke it. Time up your CC with the Pally’s stun and shouldn’t be too long to get a kill.

How does Rapture work disc priest?

Increases the absorption effect of your Power Word: Shield’s by 200%. Use just prior to heavy damage going out. Upon use, your actions for the next 10 seconds is to apply Power Word: Shield to as many targets as possible.

Does mindgames trigger atonement?

Comment by Xydryhn. A damage/healing denying ability that also triggers atonement for disc. Stack up atonements on the raid, hit mind games, right before an AoE burst, and watch as everyone gets a massive heal from the direct damage, and subsequent damage is ignored.

What is a disc priest ramp?

Ramp, “Mini” Ramp, and the In Between

The “General Ramp Up” outlined above is meant to serve as a guideline towards perfecting your burst output as a Disc Priest. With proper use, this will offer significant raid coverage and burst healing through damage dealing.

How do you maximize spirit shells?

Basically, you just want to spirit shell ramp into as many raidwide hits as possible, just like evangelism ramps.

To do this:

  1. Apply atonement to people. …
  2. Then pop Spirit Shell and go nuts with damage to fill up those Spirit Shell shields.
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What DPS should a disc priest do?

At 120 no one would take you as a DPS as disc. As a DPS for group content, No!, you have about the same single target as the tanks and much less AOE, in fact if your focus is to purely DPS and don’t care about healing, you’d do more DPS on another healer like Druid or Shaman.

What is the best priest class in WoW?

Priest Class Best Race

  • Best – Undead, Dwarves.
  • Average – Night Elf, Troll, Humans.
  • Weak –
  • Not Available – Tauren, Gnome, Orc.

Is disc priest good in PVE?

Yes disc priest works well in raids. Especially human ones as they can stack so much Regen that they almost never go oom. Bubble had bad stigma because it couldn’t be used on the main tank or any warriors.

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