What does catholicity mean?

1 capitalized : the character of being in conformity with a Catholic church. 2a : liberality of sentiments or views catholicity of viewpoint— W. V. O’Connor.

How do you use Catholicity in a sentence?

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The Latin crosses are emblems of Redemption and Catholicity. He retained throughout his life a catholicity of intellectual interests, particularly in literature. He made Catholics proud of their Catholicity. “I’m either blessed or cursed with a catholicity of taste .”

What is the Catholic meaning of the word lavabo?

1. often Lavabo The ceremonial washing of the hands and recitation from the Psalms by the celebrant before the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches. 2. A washbowl that is attached to a wall and filled from a water tank fastened above.

What does Kinsman mean?

: relative specifically : a male relative.

What part of speech is catholicity?

noun. broad-mindedness or liberality, as of tastes, interests, or views. universality; general inclusiveness. (initial capital letter) the Roman Catholic Church, or its doctrines and usages.

What does catholicity of the Church mean?

Catholicity means both. the fulness of truth and life, the wholeness and many-sidedness of the. truths of the faith proclaimed by the Church and also the means of. salvation and the beneficial gifts which she preserves and communicates.

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What is the definition of maladjusted?

: poorly or inadequately adjusted specifically : lacking harmony with one’s environment from failure to adjust one’s desires to the conditions of one’s life.

What does Epiclesis mean in English?

: a liturgical invocation of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of consecrating the eucharistic elements found particularly in Eastern liturgies where it follows the words of institution and is regarded as the point at which the eucharistic bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ.

What does pall mean?

1 : a heavy cloth covering for a coffin, hearse, or tomb. 2 : something that makes things gloomy or depressing The news put a pall on the celebration.

What is a kinsman to a king?

a blood relative, especially a male. a relative by marriage.

What does Waverer mean?

Definitions of waverer. noun. one who hesitates (usually out of fear) synonyms: hesitater, hesitator, vacillator.

What is a kinsman in the Bible?

It comes from the word lig’ol, which means “to redeem.” As the name implies, a kinsman is a family relation, usually the next of kin if there is no brother or another male in the immediate family.

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