Who is the rocker in Jesus Christ Superstar?

At 70, the Christian shock rocker plays Herod in NBC’s live musical and recalls his wilder days. Alice Cooper says that before taking the role as King Herod in “Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert,” he prayed about it — because in the show, he would be persecuting the man he worships.

What rock star played in Jesus Christ Superstar?

On the original album, the part of Jesus was sung by Ian Gillan, with Murray Head as Judas, Michael d’Abo as King Herod, Yvonne Elliman as Mary Magdalene, and Barry Dennen as Pilate.

Was Eric Clapton in Jesus Christ Superstar?

After 3 years of near seclusion, following the demise of Derek and the Dominos, Eric Clapton decided to release a solo album and tour the US. He added a back up singer, Yvonne Elliman, who had performed as Mary Magdalene in “Jesus Christ Superstar”, on album, film and stage. …

Who was the best Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar?

Ted Neely, the singer for Jesus, was the lead singer of Deep Purple. He epitomizes the vocals needed for the rock musical/rock opera, especially during “Gethsemane.” Happy Listening!

  • Barry Dennen had no earthly idea how to play Pilate during the original album. …
  • Ted Neely = Best Jesus. …
  • Carl Anderson = Best Judas.
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Who does Murray Head Play in Jesus Christ Superstar?

As with Elliman, Murray Head catapulted to fame through Jesus Christ Superstar, singing the role of Judas and providing the lead vocals on the No. 14 hit “Superstar.” But unlike Elliman, Head had previous experience as both an actor and recording artists when he was cast.

Where was Jesus superstar filmed?

Filming of Jesus Christ Superstar took place in Israel’s Negev Desert. It’s difficult to distinguish one scene’s location from another as Negev covers more than half of Israel with repetitive dunes and beige rocky gorges.

Did Yvonne Elliman sing on I Shot the Sheriff?

She was asked to sing backing vocals on Eric Clapton’s version of the Bob Marley song “I Shot the Sheriff” in 1974. She then went on tour as part of Clapton’s band, and soon afterwards got her own recording contract with RSO Records.

Is Anthony Head in back?

Actor Anthony Head has switched up his look for a new role with Channel 4. … But now he’s teamed up with Channel 4 for returning sitcom Back, in which he’ll play a potential father of David Mitchell’s character Stephen.

How old is Murray Head?

75 years (March 5, 1946)

Who performed superstar?

Superstar (Delaney and Bonnie song)

Single by Delaney & Bonnie
Released 1969
Genre Adult contemporary pop rock soft rock
Songwriter(s) Bonnie Bramlett Leon Russell
Catholic Church