Are priests hard to play WoW?

Is Priest easy to play WoW?

Both holy priest and resto druid are super easy to play and learn, but I’m going to suggest druid where everyone else suggested priest. You can still be a night elf, it’s still magic focused, but you also get the option of having every spec if you decide you want to do something other than heal or ranged dps.

Is Priest good in WoW?

Priests are extremely strong raid healers and have powerful, efficient throughput. In mythic both specs are viable up to high keys and more than capable of doing 10+ keys. People will naysay over priests in mythic+ because of their lack of utility compared to say druids or monks.

Is holy priest easy WoW?

Holy Priest’s strength comes from its immense amounts of healing throughput. Holy Priest is also easy to pick up and start learning. Their weakness is that they are a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kind of spec, and they bring no damage reduction to the table, unlike the other priest healing spec: Discipline.

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Is disc priest hard to play?

Disc is more challenging to play, but offers better healing and damage than Holy does, and brings two damage reductions to the board as well. It suffers from people taking unexpected damage (Resto druid does somewhat as well) but it’s not the worst healer for m+. That’s either Holy priest or Resto shaman.

What is the easiest healing class in wow?

Holy Priest is the easiest healer in the game. And if you would ever want to change things around, Discipline Priest is probably the most difficult one. Holy is reactive, Disci is proactive. Holy priest is the most straightforward healer and very satisfying with SL tuning.

Are shadow priests hard?

It’s probably harder to play perfectly, but much less punishing to make mistakes on / not be good at. I think it is easier to be “good” but harder to be “great” – that’s just from my experience.

Are priests easy to level?

Priest is not hard to level. If you have heirlooms it is very easy. Just give it a go. If you pull too much just fear and run towards the road.

Can Shadow Priest heal Shadowlands?

Shadow Priest

Heals you for 300% of damage dealt. Mind Blast, causing it to be instantly cast, and allowing it to be cast while channeling Mind Flay or Mind Sear within 6 seconds.

Are priests good in Shadowlands?

Often overlooked in this hyper-meta focused environment, Holy Priest has gained new strengths in the Shadowlands that will more easily allow the Faithful to take their gameplay to the next level.

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Is holy priest fun wow?

Yes, holy is fun. You have a good toolkit for raiding, and won’t have problems getting a spot in a raid.

Is holy priest good in Shadowlands PvP?

Holy Priest Strengths in PvP

With the addition of Cardinal Mending our healing playstyle becomes a lot more fluid. You’ll still be pumping out a lot of healing via Cardinal Mending which ignores healing reduction effects like Mortal Strike and Wound Poison.

Is holy priest viable in Shadowlands?

Holy Priest is as viable as Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, Resto Druid, Resto Shaman or Mist Weaver Monk. That isn’t to say they are all at the same level. … Unless your guild is trying to beat Limit next tier, you can be certain that Holly priest will still be viable – fun, however, it’s up to you.

Is holy priest better than disc?

Holy priest is a lot easier and a lot more straightforward. Disc is significantly better for 5 man content for a multitude of reasons (Holy is much more indexed toward AoE healing, has no real defensive external, and does less damage).

Do Disc priests flash heal?

For those not in the know, at level 28 Discipline Priests learn Shadow Mend, which replaces their previous mainline healing spell: Flash Heal. You can no longer use flash heal at that point. It’s gone.

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