Best answer: Who is Christian nodal?

Christian Nodal is a charting singer and songwriter whose sound weds norteño and mariachi by using the accordion to bridge traditions. Nodal was born in 1999 into a musical family; his parents and many of his uncles, aunts, and cousins are musicians.

Where is Christian nodal from?


Why is Christian nodal important?

Christian Nodal is the most important youth soloist of the Mexican Regional genre, with only 19 years of age, he has managed to place 5 singles in the first place of the specialized charts for several weeks “No Te Contaron Mal”, “ Me Deje Llevar”, “Adios Amor”, “Te Fallé”, “Eres””, and on Youtube, he has more than a …

Who is Christian nodal father?

Джейми Гонсалес

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