When did the church of Philippi?

When was the church at Philippi established?


Type Settlement
Founded 356 BC
Abandoned 14th century
Site notes

When did Paul write Philippians?

Paul the Apostle to the Philippians, abbreviation Philippians, eleventh book of the New Testament, written by St. Paul the Apostle to the Christian congregation he had established in Philippi. It was penned while he was in prison, probably at Rome or Ephesus, about 62 ce.

When did Paul plant the church at Philippi?

Paul Plants the Church at Philippi

Acts 16 records the beginning of the church in Philippi, with evangelistic conversations at the riverside, and the conversion of Lydia, a slave girl, and the jailer.

Where is biblical Philippi today?

Philippi, modern Fílippoi, hill town in the nomós (department) of Kavála, Greece, overlooking the coastal plain and the bay at Neapolis (Kavála).

Who was Paul’s first convert in Philippi?

Lydia of Thyatira (Greek: Λυδία) is a woman mentioned in the New Testament who is regarded as the first documented convert to Christianity in Europe.

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Is Macedonia in the Bible?

Macedonia is never directly mentioned in the Old Testament, which came to a close with nearly the entire world of the Bible–including Macedonia and Israel–under the rule of the vast Persian Empire. … Over time, however, much of Alexander’s empire, including Macedonia, came under the rule of Rome.

What is the main point of Philippians?

The book of Philippians can be summarized in the word “encouragement”. Throughout this letter, Paul is encouraging the people of Philippi to live out lives that are obedient God and that are uplifting to one another. Paul wrote this letter while in prison to the church to also tell them how he was doing.

What can we learn from the book of Philippians?

With love abounding and growth in knowledge and discernment, we are purified and can see the things that are consistent with the Kingdom of God and his values and character. A prayer for more love is appropriate for all of us to express regularly. We truly need more of God’s love flowing through our lives.

What is the main message of Philippians?

To deal with these problems, Paul designed this epistle as a guide for ordinary living. It faces the normal problems a Christian has, and proclaims the victory which a Christian can appropriate in overcoming these problems. The recurring theme, running throughout the letter, is that of joy and rejoicing.

Does the Church of Philippi still exist?

Philippi continued to flourish as a major Byzantine city. Today the archaeological site has substantial remains including a theatre and four basilicas. Philippi is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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How did Paul end up in Philippi?

An indirect testimony by Paul himself reveals that after his imprisonment, he arrives at Ephessus, then to Troas and ends up to his beloved city of Philippi.

Why did Paul and Silas get thrown into jail in Philippi?

According to the Acts of the Apostles, St. Paul and Silas were in Philippi (a former city in present-day Greece), where they were arrested, flogged, and imprisoned for causing a public nuisance.

How far was Rome from Philippi?

The distance between Rome and Philippi is 991 km. The road distance is 1961.8 km.

Is Caesarea the same as Caesarea Philippi?

Flavius Josephus refers to the city as Caesarea Paneas in Antiquities of the Jews; the New Testament as Caesarea Philippi (to distinguish it from Caesarea Maritima on the Mediterranean coast). In 14 AD, Philip II named it Caesarea in honour of Roman Emperor Augustus, and “made improvements” to the city.

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